Renovation and remodeling of a jewelry store


Renovating and remodeling a jewelry store can be a great way to attract new customers and update the look and feel of the store. In this project, in addition to restoring and remodeling an older jewelry store, we also installed cutting-edge technology for the store’s security system. We took down all previous decorations and carefully planned the store layout, considering the flow of the store and how customers would move through the space and store items such as display cases, lighting, and seating areas. We then created a professional 3D model with precise measurements of the store plan to generate better ideas for the store’s layout, design, and overall execution.

Our designers chose a color scheme that complemented their jewelry and the overall aesthetic they wanted to achieve. All the lighting system was upgraded, and we built high-quality display cases made of black marble stone combined with premium glass to create a more luxurious atmosphere for customers while shopping.

Since ancient times, marble flooring has been the material of preference for the affluent, and this trend has not changed. The Romans and Greeks preferred marble for their sculptures and architectural wonders because it was once considered a very expensive rock. Over time, it came to represent heritage, culture, and aristocracy. For this reason, we chose to implement white marble flooring for this project as it represents wealth and luxury.

We designed a brand-new bathroom and a small kitchen for the store, and the facade was also designed and implemented with black marble stone. Finally, we created a beautiful, inviting space that showcases their jewelry and attracts new customers.

  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution